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Team up online for a roguelike hack and slash through time. Endlessly changing procedural dungeons and enemies will keep you on your toes.


Shape the playable world with strategic pvp between player-governed townships. Race to upgrade your flying citadel before conflict erupts!


Trade your characters and loot as
carbon-neutral digital collectibles.
Not into blockchain? No stress.
Play with a classic server-based account instead.



ChronoForge is an official partner of


A carbon-neutral layer for the Ethereum Blockchain


ChronoForge takes traditional roguelike multiplayer RPG gameplay (similar to Hades and Diablo) and fuses it with strategic pvp and an evolving world map.

  • The world centres upon player-governed flying settlements that merge, upgrade and can be destroyed based on the combined decisions of players. Nobody knows quite how the world will end up looking!
  • To gather resoures for gear and settlement upgrades, teams of players 'hack and slash' in realtime through procedurally generated dungeons, with traps, enemies and layouts that change every dungeon run.
  • Just like the real world, rare gear and resources get increasingly hard to find. This relative item scarcity will keep the game challenging for new and old players.

Nope. Combat in ChronoForge is real-time, PvE and requires cooperation between different classes to succeed. Well-equipped but unskilled players will be quickly dispatched by higher tier enemies.

Nope. You can play for free with a traditional server-based account and fiat purchases. If you later decide that trading digital collectibles is for you, we will guide you through setting up a blockchain wallet and creating items.

Our team loved pioneering MMORPGs like World of Warcraft but were frustrated that, after pouring years of effort into the game, the developers forbid us trading our characters with other players.

By making our game items, characters, pets and mounts tradable on the blockchain we are helping players get back some of the value they put in to creating and improving those assets and game experiences. In future this will include both official game content and user-generated content.

We also wanted to make a universe where you could take your characters across game titles and even publishers . By storing characters as decentralised blockchain assets there is no limit as to where your characters may become playable. ChronoForge is just the beginning.

Not a fan of blockchain? No stress. You can also play the full game in traditional style with purely server-based assets.

It depends on how you make your digital collectibles! ChronoForge collectibles will be created on Immutable X - a carbon neutral blockchain layer, meaning your collectible won't be adding to greenhouse gas emissions!

If you have any more questions, be sure to read our comprehensive guide